Monday, June 10, 2013

School days

Finn went back to school today after a two-week break. For Finn, this break was called a School Vacation. For Mommy, it was called the Opposite of a Vacation. I'm glad to get him back into the school routine before his little bro arrives.

Previously I posted several photos taken by teachers at the school. I've got more to show you, and I'll provide witty commentary when appropriate.

The school has periodic baking days. "Baking" is a bit of a stretch though. On this particular day, Finn came home with what I at first referred to as pigs in a blanket. But considering that we're in Malaysia, I'm pretty sure it was cows (or possibly chicken) in a blanket.

In May, the kids' science lessons revolved around water. I think the lessons focused in large part on what sinks versus what floats. One day they got to bring their swimsuits and play in a kiddie pool. Right up Finn's alley. He loves the water. And look who's in the middle of the action in this first photo. No surprise there.

Right before the break started, the school had a "Bring your favorite doll or kite to school day." I'm not sure why dolls and kites were the two choices -- most kids just brought a toy of some sort. Finn chose his Precious Moments doll that was once his Aunt Katy's (she collected them as a little girl). Also, I think this is the first photo I've posted that actually shows him in his uniform.

For Mother's Day, the kids made little fans for their moms. This is Finn very ceremoniously presenting my fan to me. On it, someone (obviously a kid but older than Finn) had written, "I love you Mum." It will be adorable if my little American son starts calling me Mummy. He does often call me Mommy rather than Mama now -- I think he picked it up at school.

Here's a look at the whole school. Can you spot Finn? Not too hard, eh?

And here's Finn with one of his teachers.

And here he is being his usual goofball self. On the Facebook page where this was posted, the head teacher commented, "He is full of fun." Indeed he is. And goofball-iness.

I'll close with my favorite. This photo illustrates the story of Finn's life. He loves the ladies, but sometimes the ladies are like, "Give me some space, dude."


  1. Those last two pictures are so great - and the comment on the last one made me laugh out loud! :)

  2. It looks like Finn has the Mongler charm. Josh says it's both a blessing and a curse.

  3. Love those last two photos. It looks like Finn has transitioned well. He sure appears to be having fun.